Learning Goals



01 (W44)


Oct 26 - 30th

  1. Acquire insights on the discourse of “Power"

  2. Acquire inspiration and apply critical thinking from different speakers that research, work and explore the issues concerning "power" and "identity"

  3. Engage with investigative research tools & techniques, and explore the deep narratives and representation of them

  4. Create the blueprint for the team’s desired subject to explore and conceptualize

02 (W45)


Nov 02nd - 06th

  1. Acquire skills and knowledge experimenting with immersive-storytelling tools, and their value in future forward storytelling

  2. Acquire knowledge through case studies and exploring digital tools of emerging and immersive technologies

  3. Explore different performative techniques and digital tools through hands-on workshops to generate immersive creative content

  4. Understand the opportunities in applying different techniques for presenting and creating relevant immersive experience

  5. Experiment, define and employ relevant digital tools to attain immersive experience to leverage team’s concept development

03 (W46)



Nov 09 - 13th

  1. Learn to work together as a team, iterate and build on one other ideas by activating and sharing one another's expertise

  2. Sharpen the concept and define most relevant digital tools or techniques that will best deliver your concept

  3. Constantly test and rebuild a working prototype for the concept

  4. Finalize the design strategy and create a concept presentation

04 (W47)



Nov 16 - 20th

  1. Finalize the concept and get it ready for implementation onto a digital platform

  2. Stress-test and final trouble-shoot the concept to ensure its integration and final presentation

  3. Review final user experience with applied UX techniques for an online immersive experience

  4. Finalize all the marketing materials

  5. Get ready to rock'n'roll & deliver a kicking ass immersive experience for the BETA HUMAN Museum & Archive

Suggested Process