Let us help yourself ❤️

Can I become who I want to be?

That's a tough question but thankfully, our team is on it. Please bear with us while we're investigating.

How can we get in touch further with the guest speakers & mentors?

There will be scheduled time for creative team review with selected speakers/ mentors. However, if you have further questions or need feedback for your project or personal career advice, you may email the guest speakers/ mentors directly, while response is upon their availability.

Can I change my team / choose whom I want to work?

Sadly, nope. We strongly encourage students to enter the module with open minds and hearts and allow yourself to be surprised. In the real world, you are often presented with context that you will be put into teams or assigned to work with clients or partners that might not be to your wishes, the idea here is to train your team-agility, creative tolerance and spontaneity.